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David Spady is a media and public relations consultant who combines his extensive experience in the world of politics with his background in media.  Spady has appeared on numerous television news broadcasts including CNN, FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS and Inside Edition.  His editorials have been broadly published in newspapers including the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.  He produced two documentary films and was honored with a Telly Award for campaign ads.  


Spady's early media experience developed from his work in the entertainment industry on projects with HBO, A&E, IMAX, and a variety of film productions. For the past 17 years, Spady has worked closely with Salem Media Group to develop radio show content and talent. He is responsible for creating and implementing national radio programs, developing corporate resources and services to enhance program quality and delivery for over 50 talk shows.  He spearheded Salem’s early endeavors with online news and opinion content. 

He has played an instrumental advocacy role on behalf of the broadcast industry interests on Capitol Hill, and has fought to protect free speech and to limit unnecessary regulatory burdens.


Over the past two decades, Spady has developed a wide network of alliances with elected officials, major donors, media personalities, and leaders within the conservative political world.  He spent almost ten years as a political consultant working for the election of state and federal candidates, the Tennessee Republican Party, and state and local ballot measures.   

Spady has been an active member of Council for National Policy for the past 15 years. He serves on the board of the Montana State University Alumni Association, the Advisory Board of American Media Institute, and the Ventura County Boy Scouts of America.  He is an avid outdoorsman who takes every opportunity to combine his passion for work with his love of the outdoors.